The American Lawyer acknowledges it published erroneous average global profits per equity partner figures for Dentons

In its May 2015 issue, The American Lawyer concocted and published inaccurate average global profits per equity partner numbers for Dentons in its AmLaw 100 survey, reporting grossly inaccurate conclusions. Furthermore, it did so without noting to its readers that Dentons’ figures were not provided by the Firm but, instead, manufactured by The American Lawyer.

Now The American Lawyer has admitted it was wrong and that the global average profits per equity partner numbers it initially published underreported Dentons’ performance by 37%.

Dentons’ global average profits per partner materially increased rather than decreased year of year, the opposite of what The American Lawyer originally reported.

The American Lawyer has also corrected numerous other tables that were based on its manufactured average global profit per equity partner figure for Dentons.