Dentons refuses to be bullied by The American Lawyer

In 2015, with full knowledge of Dentons' public statements that it would not release average global profits per equity partner data, The American Lawyer chose to concoct average global profits per equity partner numbers for Dentons rather than note that Dentons did not participate in the survey.

The magazine's erroneous extrapolations resulted in grossly inaccurate conclusions.

Dentons' global profits per equity partner increased in 2014, not decreased as erroneously reported by The American Lawyer.

When Dentons requested that The American Lawyer remove the inaccurate data from the story, the magazine refused and renewed its demand for data that the Firm does not, on principle, provide. This was blackmail, plain and simple.

Dentons refused to be bullied. Our 2015 letter to the editor of The American Lawyer provides the details.